Save these phone numbers in case of emergencies

Call these numbers for assistance with issues related to health, security and your stay in Chile, among others.


Salud Responde (Health response): 600 360 77 77

This service responds to telephone inquiries related to health problems or issues requiring professional assistance. When inquiring, the users are guided according to their symptoms and are given home care instructions, or if necessary, they will be referred to the healthcare system. It also provides information about locations and hours of operation of healthcare centers and pharmacies throughout the country.

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Immigration and International Police: 56 2 2708 10 43

Their mission is to control the entry, exit and re-entry of people to and from the country and to oversee the stay of foreigners in the country.

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Border Control: 56 2 2486 31 01

This is a public service directly linked to the ground movement of people, goods and vehicles.

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Servicio Agrícola Ganadero SAG (Agricultural and Livestock Service): 600 81 81 724

From mobile phones (02) 2345 1100

Main desk phone: (56-2) 2345 11 11

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Ambulances (SAMU): 131

Fire fighters: 132

Police officers: 133

Investigations Police (PDI): 134

Main consulates