Avoid risks at the stadium by following these safety tips

Follow these rules and recommendations when cheering for your team.


  • Admission to the stadium will be possible only with a legally issued entry ticket and if there is no sanction prohibiting entry.
  • For access control, appropriate identification is required (identity card, national identity card or passport).
  • In Chile, the resale of tickets for professional soccer games at a higher price than stipulated by the organizers is forbidden.
  • Drinking alcohol in stadiums or on the street is prohibited.
  • Access to the stadium will be denied if under the influence of alcohol and you will be evicted if you participate in fights or incite violence in any way. Additionally, if you are caught drunk, you could be evicted from the sports venue.
  • In Chile, no smoking is allowed in the galleries and/or in other public locations intended for sporting events, gymnasiums or stadiums. This prohibition applies to the locations mentioned in the field, except in authorized places especially assigned for smoking, which some venues may have.
  • Do not make racist or discriminatory comments against players, members of the technical team or fans.
  • For your safety and that of others, keep entrances and exits clear and do not sit on stairs during the game.
  • Climbing the railings or lighting towers is forbidden. You should not throw objects. Take care of any children and/or elderly people joining you; be respectful and facilitate the movement of people with reduced mobility.
  • Unauthorized sales of any kind are not allowed in any sports arena or its surroundings.
  • For security reasons, attendees can be filmed or photographed around or inside the sports venues.