Health Centers: Find out where they are located and the emergency numbers

Here you will find the main hospitals and clinics as well as other emergency services and their contact information, should you have a health problem or inquiry.


Emergency Units in hospitals

An emergency is a critical and life-threatening situation, which requires immediate attention. Attention for these services is based on the severity of the patient’s condition and not on a first-come, first-served basis.

If your condition is not serious, DO NOT go to a hospital’s emergency room.

Main hospitals

First Aid Emergency Services (SAPU)

SAPU takes care of and resolves less complicated emergencies. We recommend you go to the nearest SAPU, because they have shorter waiting times and there is less risk of contracting illnesses.

Medical Emergency Service 131 (SAMU)

This ambulatory service is in charge of providing first aid for patients in a life-threatening situations and transferring them to the nearest hospital. The system is accessed after calling phone number 131 where the patient’s data is recorded in order to determine whether to send an ambulance to transfer the patient.

Salud Responde (Health response) 600 360 77 77

A phone-in service of the Ministry of Health in charge of providing general information on health matters, hospital addresses, medical support and 24/7 guidance throughout Chile.

Pharmacies on Duty

Follow this link to find all of the pharmacies open for business, depending on your location and the time of day or night.