Demand your rights at the stadium so that you can enjoy the sports festival safely

As an attendee of public shows, you have rights. Know them and demand that they be met.


  • For mass entertainment, customers are entitled to attend duly authorized, safe events.
  • The tickets sold must match the venue’s real capacity. The law punishes overbooking as it puts the safety of attendees at risk.
  • All events must meet the advertised conditions.
  • If the show gets cancelled, the agreed conditions change or there is non-compliance of any kind, attendees have the right to be fully reimbursed, including for the service charge, if applicable.
  • If a show gets rescheduled, attendees have the right to be reimbursed if unable to attend on the new date. They are also entitled to compensation for any damages caused by the changes or non-compliance.

Source: Servicio Nacional del Consumidor (National Consumer Rights Service)